Save Time With Remote Virtual Inspections

Stop waiting for inspectors to show up. With Inspected, you can schedule and complete inspections in real time, greatly accelerating cycle time. Sound too good to be true? We’ve completed 75,000+ inspections and counting.

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Why Switch to Virtual Inspections?

Improved Productivity

Waiting for an inspector means lots of idle time. With Inspected, that wait is just minutes.

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Increased Revenue

Maximize your labor. Faster inspection turnaround could mean more jobs you’re able to take and complete.

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Fewer Headaches

Conflicting inspections? Lost paperwork? Extra trips to the permit office? Get clear answers and documentation so you can do the job right.

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See how PowerHouse Home Services cut inspection timeframes from hours to minutes and reduced drive time and miles driven by 35% — all while minimizing client-inspection-request turnaround time. Read full case study >

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Never Deal With the Building Department Again

Introducing a complete digital permitting solution from Inspected — as low as $249 per project + municipality permit fee.

How Do Virtual Inspections Work?

Schedule and perform an inspection in minutes. Use our virtual inspection platform to quickly reach an inspector and begin the process. You’ll receive real-time results and feedback, potentially addressing issues on the spot. With automatic location geotags, fully archived high-quality video documentation, and documentation for every step of the process, here are a few of the ways we can streamline inspections and help keep your jobs on track.

We Inspect a Range of Job Types

Single-Family Homes

We'll reach all four corners or tell you why we couldn't and help clarify the potential risk.

Multi-Family Homes

Finish projects swiftly, boost your throughput, and climb ahead of competitors.


Experience same-day virtual inspections and instant permit approvals — over 35,000 completed.


For new installs or emergency work, we deliver same-day inspections that can eliminate return trips.

Solar Installations

Complete electrical rough or tie-down inspections while your teams are on the job site.


Complete your pool inspections without waiting for city or county inspectors to show.


If you fail an inspection, make same-day corrections and keep the project moving, at no charge!

Windows & Doors

We use advanced technology to provide real-time assessments without the need for an in-person visit.

Hear From Our Customers

Us pool builders have a very tough schedule getting pulled in every direction every day. If they weren’t working with my schedule as much and charismatic about it… It would be nearly impossible for me to make most of the inspections. They are patient and good at explaining details on how to make potential issues not an issue as if they are a part of your team. I have no regrets about using them as our third-party inspector.
- Jess Dunsworth, Owner, Majestic Poolscapes Austin
Working directly with allows for a transparent and straightforward process. Originally, our team chose to work with Inspected because we found inconsistencies within some building departments. Inspected, however, understood the importance of timely inspections and completing the work within the agreed-upon deadlines. Typically, this is the same day as install which allows our customers more freedom and less obligations that may affect their work week. We continue to choose as our private provider for not only their transparent and straightforward process but to also ensure our installs meet the specified quality criteria our customers deserve.
- Vanessa Del Rio, Head of Operations, US Solar
With Inspected, we’re not just meeting deadlines; we’re setting new industry standards. It’s the tech advantage we didn’t know we needed, but now can’t operate without.
- Kevin, Premier Roofing LLC
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