10 Reasons To Consider Inspected For Remote Virtual Inspections

1 – Scheduling inspections

Inspected includes a dynamic scheduling dashboard for all virtual inspections.

2 – Tracking inspections

Inspected provides a fully integrated tracking dashboard allowing users to recall all data from previous inspections.

3 – Ability to view plans while conducting the inspection

Upload files and plans for easy access and review during an inspection.

4 – Training

Inspected will onboard all new users and provide support.

5 – Documenting inspections

Inspected automatically records all inspections, saves photos, and provides a report for each inspection.

6 – Verification of inspection site

Inspected automatically verifies the address of the inspection.

7 – Interface with existing permitting applications

Inspected will integrate with other software applications.

8 – Contractor/Homeowner views

Inspected provides an easy to use dashboard for the inspector and native mobile application to streamline communication.

9 – Set up is fast and efficient

Getting started with Inspected is easy.  Inspections can be started within minutes of initial setup.

10 – Security to protect all data

Inspected provides security of all data stored in the cloud.