Are Virtual Inspections here for the long haul

Over the past year, we have seen a shift towards remote work, which has ushered in the use of modern technology to accomplish tasks without needing to be physically present. As construction and governmental departments have been deemed an “essential service,” many typical activities such as permitting and inspections have been amended to meet health and safety guidelines. Conducting inspections virtually has been the perfect solution for such a time.

Thanks to technology and creativity, many routine inspections can be done virtually. A virtual inspection is an inspection that uses visual or electronic aids to allow a building official or inspector to perform an inspection without having to be physically present at the job site during the inspection.

The number of virtual inspections performed has been growing as more companies and jurisdictions are seeing the numerous benefits of joining such a program. These benefits are not only limited to safety issues we face with a pandemic, but also include saving valuable time & money, improving efficiencies, improved customer experience, and simply being more environmentally friendly. Virtual inspections are
inexpensive, require minimal equipment and training is simple.

Florida passes new bill on Virtual Inspections

“Local governments are constantly looking for new ways to better serve their citizens and reduce wait times for inspections, so this switch could certainly contribute to an overall happier community.”

Numerous local governments and municipalities within the United States have already implemented virtual inspection software for their inspection needs.

Florida has passed a new bill authorizing any government entity with the authority to enforce the Building Code to perform virtual building inspections. The current law requires local governments to enforce the Building Code and issue building permits.

The bill also requires local building code enforcement agencies to allow requests for inspections to be submitted to the local agency electronically via e-mail, electronic form, or mobile application.

Moreover, the bill requires building code enforcement agencies to refund 10 percent of the permit and inspection fees if any of the following applies:

  • The inspector or building official determines the work, which requires the permit, fails an inspection; and
  • The inspector or building official fails to provide a reason that is based on compliance with the Building Code, the Florida Fire Prevention Code, or local ordinance, indicating why the work failed the inspection within 5 business days.

If approved by the Governor, these provisions will take effect on July 1, 2021.

This is a major step towards advancing remote inspections and implementing compliance procedures for the technology. With Florida and other states embracing virtual inspections, we will continue to see others adopt similar guidelines.

Inspected-Remote Virtual Inspection Software

Inspected Keeps Inspections Moving Forward

Inspected is a Remote Virtual Inspection software platform designed specifically for inspectors to connect with onsite personnel to help achieve a safe alternative to in-person inspections. Inspected keeps inspections moving forward efficiently creating a dedicated compliance solution in a centralized hub to help promote a safe workplace and focus on the health and safety of workers.

Rather than relying on conventional conferencing tools, Inspected provides a feature-rich centralized location for your remote virtual inspections. Our software documents the virtual inspection and provides a standardized and uniform approach.

Inspected offers an easy-to-use interface with an unmatched scheduling dashboard that uses high-quality live video and images along with notes, comments, tracking, and reporting all recorded in the cloud. Locations of inspections are automatically geotagged to the address where the inspection is taking place.

To learn more about Inspected, schedule a demo today or join our upcoming webinar to watch a live virtual inspection!