Obsolete Inspections: Are We Building on Faulty Ground?

Building inspections are ripe for a shake-up. As city departments stretch thin and red tape tangles up projects, we throw down the gauntlet and challenge the status quo. 

Virtual inspections for building department

Our work is critical in solving issues that Building Departments have brought on themselves. 

“Right now, you’re seeing a mass exodus of municipal Inspectors and Plan Reviewers,” says our Chief Operating Officer, Ian Cohen. “Contractors and HomeOwners are fed up with the inefficiencies.”

Consider five ways we’re disrupting the status quo and giving power back to contractors, homeowners AND inspection teams:

Cutting Through Bias Like a Hot Knife

“Are you Worried about inspectors playing favourites? Not on our watch.”

We’re all about uniform training and strict code adherence, ensuring every inspection is on the level and leaving no room for bias to sneak in.

  • Geotagging: Authenticate locations, ensuring inspections are done right where needed.
  • Cloud Storage: Every inspection detail is securely documented and easy to access.
  • Standardized Training: Ensuring consistent, high-quality inspections regardless of the inspector.

Who’s Got Your Back?

Liability is a big word that often gets tossed around. “With us, every click, every check is recorded. We’re talking crystal-clear accountability.” 

It’s about knowing who did what, when, and why—it’s a straightforward approach using technology backed by human-powered insights and problem-solving.

  • Real-Time Documentation: Video, images, and notes captured on the spot.
  • 24/7 Support: Immediate help whenever needed, ensuring smooth inspections.
  • Comprehensive Reports: Customizable and detailed, providing a complete inspection overview.

Our Rescue Plan for Contractors & Home Builders

“Our cloud’s not just for storage; it’s your instant-access pass to every report, every detail.” 

It’s about giving those in charge – YOU – the tools to dive deep and ensure nothing slips through the cracks.

  • Simple Interface: Easy to implement stages, categories, and comments for clarity.
  • Dynamic Scheduling: Flexible booking to fit tight schedules.
  • Search Functionality: Quick recall of past inspections for efficient re-evaluations.

Unwinding Red Tape 

Are you facing regulatory hurdles? “We’ve got coverage for nearly every inspection under the sun, except maybe fire safety—and we’re okay with that.” 

It’s about doing what they do best, leaving no stone unturned, and cutting red tape wherever we can.

  • Permit Hub: Streamlined permit management and remote notarizations.
  • Plan Reviews: Fast and efficient, keeping projects moving.
  • Inspection Variety: They cover everything from solar and roofing to pools and generators.

100% Focus on Quality

Your inspector’s skill can make or break a project: “Every one of our inspectors hits the ground running, fully licensed, fully prepped.”

 It’s our promise of consistency, no matter who shows up at your site.

  • Over 50k Inspections: A track record that proves their commitment to quality.
  • Licensed in 250 Municipalities: Widely recognized and respected.
  • Instant Communication: Phone and text support, making coordination seamless.

The Bottom Line

Texas, Georgia, and Florida municipalities, including Cape Coral, Charlotte County, Sanibel, and others, have embraced working with Private Providers.

This is a crucial reason Bill HB 267 is so popular: It speeds up the permit process to help construction projects progress quickly.  We fully support it; contractors, home builders, and homeowners should, too.

At the end of the day, we’re doing good work for the people of Florida,” says Ian, reminding us that Property Owners often elect to have Private Providers perform the work.

As Inspected approaches 100,000 completed inspections over the next 12 months, a consensus is growing that our inspection and permitting services are far superior to what they see from the Building Departments, even when they attempt to digitize their services.

Life Safety, Code Compliance, and Customer Service guide our business and support our argument that we’re not just another option but the better option.