Reseller Partnership Agreement Explained

Why Partner with Inspected?

In 2020, Inspected introduced an innovative and powerful tool to conduct inspections with our Remote Virtual Inspection software. Inspected offers an easy-to-use interface with an unmatched scheduling dashboard that uses high-quality live video and images along with notes, comments, tracking, and reporting all recorded in the cloud. Locations of inspections are automatically geotagged to the address where the inspection is taking place.

At Inspected, we believe partnering is good business. We actively seek to align with firms that have earned a strong reputation in the industry as knowledgeable, capable, experienced, and trustworthy. Combining our strength in inspection software development with your capabilities makes for an unparalleled and cost-effective solution.

Reseller/Affiliate Partner

A SaaS reseller partnership involves a software services provider (known as the vendor), granting another business (the reseller) the rights to enter into a contract with a third party (customer) as the principal for providing the vendor’s services to the third party.

The partnership agreement serves to identify each parties’ rights and obligations, as well as to specify the terms of reselling the software to the end customer.

Inspected welcomes partners from a wide variety of industries to help promote and sell our software. We look to build a large network of distributors whose vision and goals align with our desire to provide safe, secure, reliable virtual inspection capabilities to governments and businesses.

Reseller partnerships require a partnership agreement to be in place. Partners are allowed to display the Inspected Partner logo and may benefit from the assistance of our sales staff in marketing Inspected to their clients. We may also work with our partners to establish discounted rates of our product for their customers, upon request.

We provide full sales and marketing support for our partnership programs. We offer a white glove partnership program which is a unique and customizable marketing & sales strategy that includes proposal writing, conducting webinars, and writing blog & social media posts and much more. We also assist our partners with sales and support training for their clients upon request. We make it convenient and easy for clients to get on board as promptly and swiftly as possible. This enables customers to clearly understand the benefits of our unique product solution and how it can best serve their organization.

Benefits to becoming our Reseller Partner

Reselling software comes with a lot of perks. It can skyrocket your revenue, expand your offer, add to your brand’s credibility, and save you a lot of time and money. This is a perfect scenario for any business-savvy entrepreneur.

  • Partners only need to focus on selling, distribution, and training (unless training is conducted by Inspected) without worrying about the complication of building a product.
  • Establishing credibility by associating with a product that has a strong brand reputation.
  • Revenue share opportunities.
  • Providing a great value-added service that offers recurring revenue from a sticky product.
  • Achieving KPIs and metrics can unlock additional perks such as strategic co-selling opportunities, product discounts, and more.

Why are reseller software license agreements so important?

For a SaaS deal to work, it needs to be mutually beneficial—both the vendor and the reseller should gain something from the cooperation. After all, that is one of the most important pillars of such a business model: companies complementing one another for economic and marketing gain. Software reseller agreements are there to ensure both sides keep their end of the bargain. These agreements not only serve as guarantees that the job will be conducted in a good manner, but they also help establish powerful and long-lasting business relationships between all parties involved. Certainly a “win-win-win” situation.

To learn more about Inspected and our reseller partnership opportunities, schedule a demo or contact us today!