Why You Should Hire A Private Provider

An idle everything is a devil’s playground! It is very easy to get to a point of slow progress in the construction space, almost coming to a complete halt, and the biggest reason behind that lies within inspections. 

This is also the most crucial yet tedious phase of the project. A big chunk of the country suffers from this problem caused by building inspections stretching for months. To add to the existing problem, many cities are growing exponentially, which causes a shortage of inspectors available to take on these increasing numbers of jobs. 

No matter how organized and efficient a construction company is, everyone has to wait on the building department — whether it’s for a plan review necessary to get a permit or a routine inspection. The surge in construction activity and inspection staff getting stretched thin leads to one major drawback, delays! In addition, according to the American Institute of Architects, builders could expect holdups of six to eight months in the busiest markets, like Florida and California.  

So what is the workaround to solve this emerging problem? It is simply to hire a private provider inspector. States such as Florida have been ahead of the curve since 2002. Florida has allowed private provider inspections (PPIs) to speed up engineering and construction projects of all sizes. This decision has helped the state reduce cost, be efficient, saving time & money without sacrificing the quality of jobs. 


Let’s take a look at how utilizing PPIs is not only beneficial to Florida but could help the construction industry in every other state if they were to join the most forward-thinking state when it comes to leveraging PPIs.

Save time and increase efficiency: Having access to a high-quality inspector available at a short notice to complete inspections can make life much simpler for all. There are delays faced on a daily basis due to a high shortage of construction staff. Working directly with private provider inspectors can make projects run more smoothly for contractors and design professionals. Private providers work as an advocate for their clients and solve any number of issues that commonly arise in job jobs, while they are still at the job site, helping contractors from having to spend more time and money in reinspections.

Reduced liability for contractors: The longer it takes to complete a job site inspection, the higher the risk of hazard. By law, private providers are required to carry liability insurance that can be invoked as late as five years after a project’s completion. Private inspectors are also required to be fully licensed, which should validate their quality and scope of work.

Improved quality and customer satisfaction: Oftentimes private providers have a long-term client relationship with the contractors rather than one-off jobs. They develop a better understanding of each other’s needs and timelines. It is always a good idea to have a good relationship with your partners to increase the quality of work. This in turn leads to ultimate client satisfaction for all parties involved.


Inspected, a third-party private provider in the state of Florida, launched their Private Inspection Services for Buildings Inspections on July 1, 2021.

Contractors can save valuable time and money using private Plan Review & inspection services through Inspected. Plan Review is collaborative and corrections fast.

Inspected will perform building inspections as installs are completed, allowing contractors to close permits and get paid faster. With the help of their cutting-edge software. Inspected is making the inspection process easier and more efficient for contractors of all trades.

To learn more, contact us today.