Webinar Recording – May 25, 2021

Learn how inspectors are conducting Remote Virtual Inspections with Inspected.

On this recording of our webinar, you will discover our groundbreaking virtual inspection software that is built for Inspectors, Contractors, and private providers of all inspection services.

The Inspected team is excited to walk you through our cutting-edge remote virtual inspection application.

  • Watch a live virtual inspection
  • See how Inspected is standardizing the process
  • Learn how Inspected provides a dedicated platform for remote virtual inspections of all types

Inspected is designed specifically for inspections, and offers innovative solutions for the virtual inspection process including geolocation, high-quality video and images, recording, a dynamic scheduling dashboard, annotation tools, and more! All inspections are stored securely in the cloud.

Keep your projects moving forward and increase productivity by implementing our turn-key virtual inspection software for your Team of Inspectors.