Field Inspector


Applying advanced knowledge of Quality principles and practices Performing inspections and tests according to approved ITPs


• Perform inspections and tests in accordance with approved ITPs and produce quality records
• Verify calibration and maintenance of test equipment
• Review test reports and other quality records
• Initiate/issue Internal Non-Compliance Report for non-conformities
• Carry out quality control activities
• Evaluate and document quality of construction work • Identify and report non-compliant construction work
• Control further processing, delivery, installation, or use of non-compliant work
• Coordinate quality activities with Construction and other agencies
• Prepare and maintain quality records
• Communicate effectively regarding Quality policies and procedures
• Assist in project audit schedules and reports
• Assist in developing orientation program for project teams
• Act as a Quality auditor and follow up on audit findings
• Assess suppliers’ ability to meet Quality requirements
• Maintain project Quality records
• Perform other assigned duties

• Accredited four-year degree or equivalent, or combination of education and experience
• Ability to effectively communicate with various audiences
• Job-related technical knowledge
• Knowledge of applicable statutes and guidelines
• Attention to detail and time-consciousness Key Skills Needed
• Moderate interpersonal and communication skills
• Moderate leadership and decision-making skills

Remote Virtual Inspections
Across Enterprises


Private Providers


Commercial Applications

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