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Why Use Our Private Inspectors?

 Here’s Why So Many Are Switching to Inspected:

The Future of Construction is Here. Experience Same-Day Virtual Inspections and Instant Permit Approvals – over 35,000 completed





Mastering the Details: Features that Drive Results

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Virtual Notary Services

 Save valuable time with hassle-free instant remote notarization services from the comfort of your workspace, 

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Plan Review

By Florida statute if you use our plan review service your permit is then required to be issued within 20 days of submission.

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Virtual Inspections

Schedule multiple inspections to complete a installs in one day! Stop waiting on inspectors & improve efficiency by reducing return trips.

Why Choose Inspected: Your Competitive Edge in the Game-Changing Roofing Industry

Command the Clock in a Multi-Million Dollar Market

As a roofer in a  high-stakes construction arena, you don’t just face deadlines—you’re racing against time itself. If you’re still grappling with traditional permitting delays, you’re already behind

The Technology That Fuels Efficiency

Our Inspection Workflow Engine: Your Secret Weapon

Introducing a workflow so advanced, it’s not just a feature—it’s your business’s new backbone. Here’s your new workday:

  • Notify Building Officials: Initiate your permit application and inspection notice seamlessly through Inspected.

  • Scheduling Made Simple: Pick your ideal time slot for the inspection via our user-friendly portal.

  • Inspect While You Install: Your teams execute the inspection while already on-site, utilizing our platform’s robust features.

  • Instant Reports: Forward your ‘Passed Inspections’ report to the city with a simple click

  • Same-Day Closeouts: Experience the thrill of having permits closed out the very same day.

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Home-Probe home inspectors truly “walk” the roof — when conditions allow. If not, our drone will be flown. You’re guaranteed an image from above the roof, its estimated age and life expectancy.

Single Family Home
Single Family Home


Foundations (including crawlspaces) are always included. We’ll reach all four corners or tell you why we couldn’t and help clarify the potential risk. Your inspector also carries a ladder to access the attic.


Every accessible outlet will be tested. We remove the cover of the electrical panel and inspect all visible wiring. We’ll report on safety concerns such as grounding, GFCI and AFCI.

Single Family Home


Water is run at each fixture for as long as possible. If there’s a leak, we want to recreate it.


With flashlight in tow, your inspector will examine the walls, ceilings, floors, doors and windows. All lights and built-in appliances will be tested.

Single Family Home


Our inspectors circle the home clockwise and counter-clockwise to double the observation opportunity


Every supply and return is tested to ensure the system is working throughout the entire home. We’ll also provide the age and life expectancy of your systems as well as the refrigerant type.

Single Family Home


Because your home will change over time, your inspection report will both identify potential issues to address now and watch over time. It will prove equally crucial as a reference manual throughout home ownership.

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Real Numbers for Real Growth

35,000+ Virtual Inspections & Counting

  • We’ve just completed our 35,000th virtual inspection. That’s 35,000 instances of transforming businesses like yours—making inspections not just a necessity, but a streamlined advantage. By the time you read this, we will close to 50,000 or above!
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A Disruptive Force In Building & Construction

An inspection workflow engine built for hardcore contractors:

  • Instant 48-Hour Reviews: No more waiting. Get your plans reviewed and approved in just two days.
  • Guaranteed 20-Day Permits: Secure your permits in less than three weeks. Every time.
  • Accelerated Job Completion: Finish projects swiftly, boost your throughput, and climb ahead of competitors.
  • Rapid Funding Access: Speed up your cash flow with faster permit and inspection clearances

Contractors Speak: Don't Take Just Our Word For It

“With Inspected, we’re not just meeting deadlines; we’re setting new industry standards. It’s the tech advantage we didn’t know we needed, but now can’t operate without.”

—Kevin, Premier Roofing LLC


Inspection Manager

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250 Municipalities

Over 50k
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In Person Availability In Certain Markets
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Hard Numbers, Real Savings

Boost Your Margins

Operational costs cut by up to 50%. Productivity up by 40%. And did we mention the possibility of reduced permit fees? Numbers don’t lie; they just make you more profitable.

A roofing EDGE

Meet Your Competitive Edge in Roofing. Fast Permits, Faster Approvals.


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