Inspected has brought a lot of value to our team. Inspected has helped us become more efficient with our inspections as installs are completed and made the process extremely smooth and quick. Our contractors are happy as speeding up this process gives them more time to move on to their next jobs, and earn more as a result, without having to spend the whole day in one location, waiting for an inspector to arrive!”

– Justin Adams, Founder at PowerHouse

Case Study




PowerHouse was struggling to complete the permitting and inspection process in a reasonable time frame due to lengthy plan review cycles, municipal delays, and scheduling inspections with homeowners. This prolongs project completion and delays payments upon project close-out.

It was difficult to track progress as a backlog of permits and inspections grew. It was also hindering the company’s ability to monitor quality control.

Having to wait on extended plan review times with municipalities and schedule inspections with homeowners and inspectors sometimes after install had become inefficient for a growing company.



Inspected is helping PowerHouse innovate by introducing Inspected Services and Same Day Inspections to their projects.

Easy 5 Steps process to help PowerHouse achieve this goal:

1) Submit Inspected’s notice to the building official as a private provider with their permit application.

2) Schedule their inspection time with Inspected’s easy-to-use portal.

3) Complete their inspection while their installation crews are still on the job site.

4) Submit the Inspection report to the city.

5) Inspections are completed the same day as installs and permits can be closed out faster.

inspected graphic results


  • PowerHouse has been using Inspected diligently to perform all their generator install inspections. They are now able to complete multiple inspections in a day and cut costs drastically.

  • The company has realized cost savings by reducing the number of visits to the project and eliminating additional commutes.

  • The company has benefited from a reduction of labor burden, fuel, insurance, and maintenance costs.

  • PowerHouse has been improving productivity and bottom line since working with Inspected.


  • Cut inspection time frames from hours to minutes
  • Reduced drive time and miles driven by 35%
  • Reduced client inspection request turnaround time (many inspections and completed in the same day)
  • Completed many inspections in less than ten minutes
  • Improved client inspection passing rate
  • Implemented a re-inspection program that further improved inspection efficiencies

Inspection as low $99


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