Inspected has helped our inspections department work efficiently and has sped up the entire inspection process. Contractors are on time for the inspections, and we are doing many different types of inspections including pool steel, static pressure, electrical work, water heaters, A/C change outs and more.”
– Universal Engineering

Case Study


inspected women personel checking the circuitry


Being such a large corporation, Universal Engineering was struggling to send contractors on-site to perform the numerous inspection requests they were getting each day. Moreover, no one really likes waiting and they were dealing with anxious clients trying to close out permits as quickly as possible.

Furthermore, it was becoming quite expensive to perform such a large number of in-person inspections due to the cost of driving, labor, and other costs associated with traveling.
Needless to say, since the beginning of COVID, there were many restrictions placed in workplaces, and Universal Engineering wanted to keep their employees and clients safe by working remotely and at the same time moving towards sustainable development.
inspected graphic for solution


Universal Engineering became Inspected’s client in June, 2020. They enrolled in our Enterprise plan. Some of the features & functions they are using in this plan includes:
  • Virtual/Video call
  • Enterprise Level Dynamic schedule
  • Scheduling Dashboard
  • Branded Reports
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Pass/Fail Disposition
  • Photos Tagged To Notes
  • Dedicated Support Manager
  • Geotagging
  • Host unlimited meetings per month
  • High quality photos
  • Annotation
  • Unlimited Inspectors
  • Inspection Notes
  • Android/IOS App
  • Training and Implementation


Increase Productivity
Universal Engineering has been using Inspected diligently to perform all their virtual inspections. They are now able to complete hundreds of inspections in a day and significantly cut costs.

Satisfied Customer
Their clients are satisfied and recommend the company to others within their industry as a result.


  • Cut inspection time frames from hours to minutes
  • Reduced drive time and miles driven by 35%
  • Reduced client inspection request turnaround time (many inspections and completed in the same day)
  • Completed many inspections in less than ten minutes
  • Improved client inspection passing rate
  • Implemented a re-inspection program that further improved inspection efficiencies

Inspection as low $99


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