5 Ways To Improve The Quality Of Your HVAC Business

Using Checklists to improve the quality of your HVAC Business

A consistent and regular HVAC preventive maintenance is the best way to safeguard easy operation and top performance. Pre-season maintenance can also be very beneficial in this case. Doing this can ensure the air conditioning unit is working properly and avoid any system failure in hot or cold weather when you need it working the most, and your energy bill can also be kept in check in this way.

The air duct or the furnace can be responsible for accumulating pollutants that are extremely harmful to breathe in. Regular cleanings are essential for the longevity of the system.

As a business best practice, HVAC inspectors/contractors serve many homes, restaurants, and buildings. HVAC checklists are crucial for the health and well-being of individuals and society, which leads to improving the HVAC business quality.

HVAC Inspections for quality check may consist of:

  • Air Outlets and Inlets
  • Air terminal units
  • Central cooling equipment
  • Cooling towers
  • Furnaces
  • Heating boilers
  • HVAC Fans
  • HVAC Insulation
  • HVAC Piping and pumps
  • HVAC Water treatment
  • Facility fuel storage tanks
  • Facility fuel oil piping
  • Facility natural gas piping
  • Air handling units
  • Refrigerant piping

Invest Money and Time in Training a Qualified Workforce

HVAC business owners, like others in the skilled trades, struggle to find qualified employees in a highly competitive climate. They also worry about investing time and money in training, only to see those HVAC service techs leave to start their own business or work for another company. To avoid the turnover rate, you should focus on building a strong company foundation and culture, laying out a clear and precise organizational chart. It is important to clearly define every job description and expectation and communicating that with the workforce. For your business to succeed, provide extensive training and set them up for success. Incentives such as performance pay can help with a growth mindset among your workforce.

The hiring and recruitment process also needs to be very efficient with a well-designed interview process and skill testing. It becomes your job to ensure that all new job applicants align with the air conditioning contractor’s core values for you to eventually be successful.

Specifications, scheduling, and ordering

As a business owner, you must accurately estimate project costs and plan the work accordingly. You can list the acceptable materials and equipment, and define how they are to be installed and tested. Drawings could be helpful for some jobs.

In this business, even a slight deviation from a set work schedule can significantly increase the cost of delivery. So it is very important to plan project schedules accurately and keeping into consideration the out-of-season construction, accessibility to equipment, any other issues that come into play.

There are two types of orders in this case- material and labor orders. For material orders, address the general requirements of materials and equipment that will be incorporated into the work. Take into consideration any delivery requirements for packing, shipping, and acceptance.

Seek feedback from clients and relay to employees/sub-contractors

As they say, customers are always right! It is no different in the HVAC business model. Routine on-site monitoring provides immediate feedback and control of any substandard work or quality infractions. Which gives clear direction and guidance to employees or subcontractors, who can then voice their concerns/opinions. Keep clients in the loop and give them the opportunity to review all work and provide their feedback to the contractor in a well-defined timely, recorded, and measurable manner.

Optimize HVAC sustainability by working with a qualified HVAC contractor

In order to get the most out of any HVAC repair, upgrade, or replacement, you should work with a qualified HVAC contractor. The contractor can perform regular checkups and advise business owners on when and how to perform necessary maintenance.

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