Attract Top TALENT With The Inspected Tech stack!

As an existing (or future) customer of the Inspected platform, we understand the challenges that CEOs and operational teams face when it comes to attracting (and keeping) world-class talent, particularly senior technicians.

Here are some key pain points to attracting and retaining top talent AND how our platform can help:


Use Inspected to spark digital transformation and empower your technicians

Limited opportunities for growth and development: Many senior technicians are looking for opportunities to grow and develop their skills. By using our tech stack, which streamlines inspections, accelerates permitting, and increases customer satisfaction, you can free up time for your team to focus on more challenging and rewarding tasks, such as troubleshooting complex problems and delivering exceptional customer service.


if you’re serious about attracting talent you need to get serious about making life easier for them in the field.

Differentiation: With our cutting-edge platform, you can set yourself apart from the competition and position your company as a leader in the industry. By leveraging our tech stack, you can offer your team the opportunity to be at the forefront of a cloud revolution in SaaS, driving innovation in roofing, solar, HVAC, generators and home services…..



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