The changing technology in roofing, solar, HVAC, generator and pool, using C-suite.

Our leadership team would like to show how technology is changing the view of the C-suite in the roofing, solar, HVAC, generator, pool and home services industry. We understand that in construction, every minute counts—especially in Florida, which already accounts for a whopping 25% of all U.S. building permits. With that in mind, let’s delve into why Inspected is not just another service but a paradigm shift in making your construction process more efficient and profitable.

Florida: The Permitting Giant

First, some context. Florida’s booming construction sector is a force to reckon with. If you’re a contractor here, you’re part of an industry that pulls in hundreds of millions in annual revenue. But you’re also grappling with a system that can be painfully slow. Inspected is here to change that.

The Tech That Powers Inspected

Our platform is user-friendly and robust. You don’t need to download anything. Accessible via a simple web app, it’s as easy as clicking a link in an SMS. You’ll find a dashboard that offers real-time views into your permit process, with instant availability for photos and videos of inspections. Everything is ‘cloudified’ to simplify your life and speed up reviews, inspections and permitting.

Speed Is of the Essence

“Speeding up the inspection process gives contractors more time to move on to their next jobs and earn more as a result,” says Justin Adams, Founder of PowerHouse. Our geo-targeting feature ensures that inspections happen precisely when scheduled, turning the traditional days-long waiting game into a same-day affair. That means permits get closed out in as little as 12 hours. In the fast-paced Florida building sector, that’s a revolution in itself.

Bypassing Red Tape with a Document Engine

Our unique Document Engine simplifies one of the most tedious aspects of construction—document submission. It auto-generates all the papers you need for specific municipalities. Furthermore, Florida municipalities must turn around a permit within 20 days when using our platform. Compare that to the months-long waits many contractors face without Inspected.

Advising Beyond Checking Boxes

We’re not just speeding up inspections but also making them more effective. Our inspectors serve as advisors, offering real-time guidance on code compliance via our platform. This on-the-spot consultation ensures that your projects don’t just pass inspection but also excel in quality.

Streamlined Productivity: Not Just a Buzzword

Let’s get into some numbers. Our service has helped contractors improve productivity by up to 40%. Thanks to our virtual inspectors, you schedule an inspection for 10 a.m. and bam!—it’s done at 10 a.m. Efficiency is crucial in an industry where delays can cost thousands.

Costs, Cuts, and More

Our virtual inspection service cuts down on travel time and costs, often saving contractors up to 20% on operational expenditures. Plus, Inspected can also offer potential discounts on permit fees, increasing your margins even more.

The Future of Inspecting in Florida and Beyond

Staying ahead of the curve is crucial with the rapid growth in the Florida building sector. Inspected is future-ready, offering inspections through pictures only, which means no return visits and further time-saving.

Concluding Thoughts

What we’re doing here at Inspected isn’t just a tweak to an outdated system; it’s an overhaul. Staying ahead of the game is vital in a booming state like Florida, where construction is not just an industry but a competitive arena. With technology that turns inspections into a sprint rather than a marathon, Inspected is positioning itself as the disruptor you didn’t know you needed—but now won’t be able to live without.

So, are you ready to join the future of inspections and ride the wave of efficiency? I guarantee it’ll be a decision you won’t regret.

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