Miami-based Inspected Goes International!

Fort Lauderdale, FL (July 31, 2020) – South Florida based Inspected Goes International Signing Deal with Kenya-based Merchant Technical Services Ltd. Inspected, a virtual inspection software company based near Miami, is pleased to announce it has signed a two-year contract agreement with Kenya-based Merchant Technical Services Ltd (MTS). The agreement allows the Mombasa based inspections service company to use Inspected’s virtual video inspections mobile application (app) to remotely perform inspections for a variety of marine, cargo, and container customers across East Africa.  The deal marks the first International agreement for Inspected, which only launched a few months ago at the start of the COVID-19 crisis.

MTS  surveyors and clients will use the app to inspect numerous types of products and services, such as agricultural products, motor vehicles, equipment, and machinery, supervise loading and discharge, tally and sealing, verification of quantities, packaging, tracking, and more. The contract also authorizes MTS as Inspected’s exclusive resale partner in East Africa.

“This is a milestone moment for Inspected, and it is extremely gratifying to see the company go international just within a few months of launching it,” said Anthony Perera, Founder of Inspected. “We are thrilled to be working with MTS and we are confident our technology-driven solution will help MTS’ surveyors to efficiently conduct remote inspections, keeping them safe in the current world we live in.”

“We were looking for ways to optimize and expand the scope of our inspections while protecting our staff and customers, and sustain business as usual during the current health crisis,” said James Gathage,  Strategy Director of Merchant Technical Services Ltd. “Teaming up with Inspected will certainly expedite our strategy and enable our customers to have visibility of their inspections. We currently complete about 5000 inspections each year and after seeing the capabilities and features of the Inspected app, we are confident that this new technology will allow us, and our clients in the industry, to become even more efficient and effective while remotely completing inspections to help  keep the economy moving and our people safe.”

Inspected was launched in March 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic, to protect public and private employees on the field conducting in-person inspections. The Inspected app allows workers to conduct virtual inspections while practicing social distancing, streamline paperwork, meet project deadlines, and reduce delays caused by the spread of the novel coronavirus. The app also makes record-keeping easy and efficient, with everything time-stamped and GPS verified.

For more information about Inspected and to view a demo of the application, visit www.inspected.com.

About Inspected

Inspected is a patent-pending remote video inspection mobile application that allows Inspectors to perform inspection right from office/home, saving travel time, increasing efficiency, and ultimately saving money. The Inspected app geo-locates the inspection site to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the inspection. For more information, visit: https://inspected.com/

About Merchant Technical Services Ltd:

Merchant Technical Services Ltd (MTS) is a leading inspection company in Kenya, has been in operation since the year 2003, and recently acquired International accreditation to ISO 17020. MTS offers a wide range of inspection services of imports and exports of agricultural products and other related services specified by different local and international firms. For more about MTS visit our website: www.merchanttechnicalservices.com

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