Diving into the world of Inspected

Diving into the world of Inspected

In this issue of our monthly newsletter, read and watch a small video clip on:

1) Creating a Brand New Culture of Innovation

2) Video Introduction to Inspected by Jason Smeal, Business Development Director at Inspected   

Creating a Culture of Innovation

Inspected continues its journey of being innovative by supporting all who are working or stepping towards that direction, mainly in the construction space.

Inspected is a platinum sponsor for the upcoming SRBX Design-Build Competition. “The CIEF Design-Build Program promotes career awareness of the construction industry among high school students. The competition provides an opportunity for high school students to gain firsthand knowledge of the construction industry and get hands-on experience in the construction process.”

The Award Ceremony will be held on May 6, 2021, where Inspected will be joining in the industry luncheon. The award ceremony will also be livestreamed.

We strongly believe in supporting our youth and community as they step towards entering the construction industry & fulfilling their dreams.

Jason Smeal Introduces Inspected

Jason Smeal, Business Development Director at Inspected speaks about the company.

In this introduction video, you can hear about Jason’s journey at Inspected and why he thinks the platform works absolute wonders for all his industry associates.

Question of the month

What is the most innovative thing you have done so far in 2021 for your business/work?

Tweet your answer to @Inspected15

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