Inspected.com Fills Demand for Third Party Pool Inspectors in Austin

National virtual inspection platform helps pool & spa construction companies comply with new city code

Austin, TX (November 22, 2021) –A new code in the City of Austin requires third-party inspections for new residential swimming pool and spa applications. To alleviate the stress that hundreds of Texas homeowners and builders are facing with long wait times for their pool construction and renovation projects,  Inspected.com will now provide third-party virtual inspections on-demand. The virtual inspection service company has certified experts to support local pool and spa contractors to clear permits faster and ensure all city codes are followed.

“We understand the long wait times are frustrating, but we want to assure Austin homeowners that Inspected.com will help make sure their pools are completed safely and quickly,” said Anthony Perera, Founder of Inspected.com. “Construction and remodeling businesses in Austin and anywhere in the U.S. can trust that Inspected.com will provide them with experienced, qualified inspectors so they can finish jobs faster.”

As a third-party inspector provider, Inspected.com ensures pools and spas are compliant with code requirements prior to a final inspection completed by the City of Austin. The remote features save contractors such as Blue Ox Pools time, personnel, and money by providing instant access to a deep roster of qualified virtual inspectors who can ensure code compliance as required under the newly adopted rules.

“Through Inspected.com’s virtual inspections, we can complete dozens of inspections safely, quickly, and efficiently to provide our customers a better experience,” said Mike Weisman, Owner of Blue Ox Pools.

The Austin City Council voted to adopt the new code that required third-party inspections on residential swimming pool applications submitted to the City of Austin after September 1, 2020. The new code went into effect on March 1st, 2021. Inspected.com follows all code regulations and provides third-party inspectors who are qualified as either a Certified Pool & Spa Building Professional (CBP), Registered Design Professional, or ICC Certified Residential Building Inspector and have a Certificate of Learning Achievement (CLA) for swimming pool projects.

Inspected.com offers an easy-to-use interface that removes the need for direct contact, and the technology will help cities clear permits faster and save travel expenses while ensuring an important revenue base continues. For customers and contractors, it ensures projects can continue and removes the uncertainty of when an inspector can schedule an on-site visit. Video demonstrations can be viewed at www.inspected.com.

About Inspected.com:

Inspected.com is a patent-pending remote video inspection mobile application that allows Inspectors to perform inspections right from office/home, saving travel time, increasing efficiency, and ultimately saving money. The Inspected app also enables geo-locating of homes to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the inspection. For more information, visit www.inspected.com.


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