Inspected Partners with Judicial Council of California, Facilities Services

Davie, FL (July, 2021) – Inspected, a remote virtual inspection program, has announced a partnership with the California Judicial Branch to allow inspectors in Sacramento and across the state to perform Remote Video Inspections with their cutting-edge software.

“Through this collaboration with the state of California, Inspected is working to increase efficiencies and reduce costs while ensuring construction and renovation projects can continue moving forward,” said Anthony Perera, Founder of Inspected.com. “The California Judicial Branch will use Inspected’s Enterprise Program on their Judicial Council Facilities and will continue to schedule inspections on other projects in the future.”

Inspected provides new solutions that speed up the permitting process needed to complete or continue renovations on various construction sites as well as homes and businesses by allowing inspectors to visually approve work and close permits without having to physically visit the site. By allowing permitting inspectors to work remotely, Inspected.com keeps people safer, streamlines paperwork, and reduces delays.

Inspected offers an easy-to-use interface that removes the need for direct contact, and the technology will help cities clear permits faster and save travel expenses while ensuring an important revenue base continues. For customers and contractors, it ensures projects can continue and removes the uncertainty of when an inspector will be able to once again travel to personally approve the permit. A video demo of
the new Inspected app can be viewed at www.inspected.com and demos are available upon request.

About Inspected:

Inspected is a patent-pending remote video inspections mobile application that allows Inspectors to perform inspection right from office/home, saving travel time, increasing efficiency, and ultimately saving money. The Inspected app also enables geo-locating of homes to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the inspection. For more information, visit: www.inspected.com.

For media inquiries, contact:

Jeff Davidson
10 to 1 Public Relations

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