Joining the Inspected Innovative Partnership Program

Joining the Inspected Innovative Partnership Program

Inspected has quickly become the leading software platform for Remote Virtual Inspections providing solutions to change the way inspections are performed within communities, government agencies, businesses and facilities. Since its inception, Inspected has sought technology partners to provide parallel services to meet the needs of our mutual customers.

The Inspected SaaS platform uses remote virtual technology to connect inspectors with site representatives. While at their home, office or anywhere with internet connectivity an inspector guides the user through an inspection communicating in real-time with audio and video through Inspected’s platform. Features including automatic geotagging, scheduling, high quality video and photos, and reports are all combined to standardize and comply with the ICC’s recommended RVI process. The platform can be used on all types of smart devices through the Inspected app or our web based solution.

By bringing the project to the inspector RVI allows for inspectors to work remotely and work safer.

Inspected’s goal is to offer customers the flexibility to use their current software platforms with the added benefit of remote virtual inspections. Our Innovative Partnership Program assists in helping similar platforms to better serve your customers.

By linking services available to customers we are able to adapt to the needs of our clients quickly and efficiently.

Community Development Software for Government Agencies

Government agencies are realizing the efficiencies of RVI and are deploying Inspected in various departments. Inspected has established a uniform and standardized process to conduct building, fire, and code compliance inspections along with many other use cases to better serve citizens. Community development software platforms have become ubiquitous among jurisdictions to manage workflows from document control to inspections.

Electronic permit inspection processing is now essential to keep building and planning departments and other intergovernmental administrative divisions running smoothly while delivering the best possible experience for citizens. These platforms also make public department employees more efficient by providing the tools needed to perform their duties through the use of technology while better serving their communities.

As partners, Inspected and government software solutions can provide simple and immediate successful implementation of remote virtual inspections. Many cities and municipalities are scrambling to implement procedures to conduct remote virtual inspections. The process of connecting via email, text and phone calls to start a video conference is counterproductive and incomplete.

With the centralized process that Inspected provides and the use of robust community development software jurisdictions are in a better position to conduct inspections successfully. From submitting a permit to finalizing inspections, partnering with Inspected helps support and enhance the capabilities of communities across the globe.

Inspected keeps projects on track by easily allowing for the use of virtual inspections while permitting software keeps track of the entire project.

Inspected has partnered with many community development software platforms to provide RVI as a normal course within their inspection processes. Our software can be easily integrated with permitting software to both share information related to inspections and directly connect the inspector to the project.

Many types of inspections are performed through the combined solutions of Inspected’s RVI platform and the management of permitting and inspections. Inspected is the most dynamic RVI solution for integration with software that manages permitting and inspections for:

  • Building Permit Inspections
  • Fire Departments
  • Private Provider Inspection Services
  • Code Compliance
  • Cannabis Regulation
  • Engineering and Zoning Departments
  • Restaurant and Alcohol Regulation
  • Environmental Health Regulation

Inspected for Insurance

Insurance providers are implementing remote virtual inspections for immediate access to assets and property claims. Inspected ensures that claims can be processed remotely from any location. Our goal of instant communication minimizes the time spent on travel and coordination. Conducting claims inspections through the use of RVI on Inspected’s platform creates a further reach and provides customers with better service that improves the claims process and assessment of risk.

Inspected has partnered with insurance companies across the globe through our Innovative Partnership Program to connect insurance inspection software capabilities and the added benefit of RVI. We are able to integrate mutual technologies so companies can better serve their customers.

Facilities and Properties

Our technology partners are improving inspection processes for facility maintenance and properties through our Innovative Partnership Program. From progress monitoring to compliance adherence Inspected strengthens inspection capabilities with remote virtual inspections. By continuing to promote the health and safety of the workforce we are seeking to mitigate risk and increase site safety. The use of RVI technology reduces travel time and increases productivity by providing an efficient way to inspect facilities and properties from any location.

Inspected streamlines planning by helping to improve monitoring and compliance of:

  • Health Care Facilities
  • Construction Projects
  • Power Generation Management
  • Communications Infrastructure
  • Shipping and Transportation
  • Hospitality

IT and development managers can be confident in Inspected’s robust security measures. Our secure cloud based platform provides simple instruction and documentation delivering the level of security needed for housing data and successfully managing integrations. Partnering with Inspected ensures safe remote virtual inspections as a complimentary asset to customers through your software solution and RVI implementation.

Inspected continues to partner with related technologies to expand and enhance successful practices in conducting remote virtual inspections. By leveraging Inspected’s integration flexibility our partners are able to adapt to the virtual needs of their customers.

Article Written by:

JARED UTTERBACK – Chief Compliance Officer: jared@inspected.com

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