Webinar Recording – January 12, 2021

Watch a Live Virtual Inspection in Real-Time Used By Municipalities, Government Agencies, and Private Providers of Inspection Services.

Integrate Virtual Inspection Capability into Your Software Platform Webinar Recorded on January 12, 2021

On this recording of our webinar, you will discover virtual inspection software that is built for Inspectors, Contractors, and private providers of inspection services. Watch a live inspection in real-time and see how the Inspector does the video call with the contractor on the actual site of the inspection. See our high-quality video that also allows taking still images while the video is running. Our software automatically geo-tags the physical address with the permit number. Find out how your city or government agency can upload files and plans, ad notes to each image, and how to pass and fail the inspection.

Please click on this link below and enter the access password : 28=vy+vy

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