Virtual Inspections: Addressing Key Industry Gaps with Metrics

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The recent Deloitte 2024 E&C Outlook highlights crucial engineering and construction trends. Interestingly, it was surprisingly short on the challenge contractors and home builders face with respect to inspections and permitting. And, how virtual inspections continue to shape the industry. To address these gaps we show the opportunities and wins third-party inspection providers bring to […]

Virtual Permits: Florida’s Housing Fix?

Florida’s housing market is grappling with a significant decline in new home permits, exacerbating existing affordability challenges in a state experiencing rapid population growth.

Why Did The International Code Council Partner Partner With a Virtual Inspection Provider?

ICC and Inspected partnership

The ICC made it clear that changes were imminent in 2020. Permit backlogs, inspection delays, and manual paper trails stifled innovation in the construction sector. It sparked a period of intense collaboration and dialogue between the ICC team and Inspected leadership around remote video inspection technology to transform permits, inspections, and plan reviews. Ultimately, it […]

Fighting back against permit delays with virtual inspections

Permit Delays

In Kansas City, obtaining permits for new home construction has become a significant obstacle, with builders experiencing several weeks or months of delays. The result? Long delays in developing much-needed housing units worsen the shortage of available homes in the market and raise prices.

Dallas: Tension Over Permitting Fees Sparks Developer Dilemma

Dallas is in a pickle, facing a $20 million gap in its building permitting department. Since 2015, the city’s fees have been low compared to other big Texas cities. They’re considering cranking those fees up to make ends meet, causing quite the stir. Developers are unhappy, again highlighting virtual inspections as pressure relief valves and digital transformation saviours.

Is Cincinnati’s Inspector Crisis Solvable?

Inspector training

Cincinnati’s plan to boost its building inspector ranks has tough challenges, including a significant staff shortage, training gaps, and a need for more diversity and scalable solutions.