Attract Top Talent with Inspected Tech Stack

Attract Top Talent

As an existing customer of the Inspected platform, we understand the challenges that leadership teams  face when it comes to attracting world-class talent, particularly senior technicians. That’s why we want to share with you how our innovative tech stack can be used as a powerful tool for recruiting top talent to your company. Here are […]

Florida passes new bill on virtual inspections

Bill on Virtual Inspection

Florida passes new bill on virtual inspections Florida has passed a new bill authorizing any government entity with the authority to enforce the Building Code to perform virtual building inspections. Meet us at BOAF Inspected will be exhibiting this year at BOAF. BOAF’s mission is to equip building professionals through education, advocacy, leadership, and code development. They […]

Diving into the world of Inspected

World of Inspected

Diving into the world of Inspected In this issue of our monthly newsletter, read and watch a small video clip on: 1) Creating a Brand New Culture of Innovation 2) Video Introduction to Inspected by Jason Smeal, Business Development Director at Inspected    Creating a Culture of Innovation Inspected continues its journey of being innovative […]

Inspected Launches Private Virtual Inspection Services for Florida Contractors

Private Virtual Inspection

Inspected Launches Private Virtual Inspection Services for Florida Contractors Inspected, a virtual inspection software company is offering new services to Florida-based contractors and home service companies. From A/C unit change-outs to water heaters, contractors can now save valuable time and money using private inspection services through Inspected.   Quick Hello from Anthony Perera, Founder at Inspected Contractor by […]

The changing technology in roofing, solar, HVAC, generator and pool, using C-suite.


Our leadership team would like to show how technology is changing the view of the C-suite in the roofing, solar, HVAC, generator, pool and home services industry. We understand that in construction, every minute counts—especially in Florida, which already accounts for a whopping 25% of all U.S. building permits. With that in mind, let’s delve […]

Slash Permit Fees: Inspected Unlocks Savings for Contractors!

Price Reduction

Update on Florida Statutes for Inspected Customers/Contractors: Permit Fee Reductions Attention Inspected Customers and Contractors! We want to make sure you are aware of an important update regarding permit fees in Florida. According to FL Statute 553.791 Section 2B, if you choose to work with a private provider like Inspected for plans review or building […]

15k Inspections Completed: Celebrate with Us!


You have 99 problems… But inspection workflows should not be one of them. We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve hit a major milestone – we’ve just completed our 1 millionth inspection! This is a testament to the trust you’ve placed in us to deliver fast, efficient, and high-quality inspection services. Thanks for being a customer […]

Inspected.com Q2 Update


Inspected.com is headquartered in South Florida, with an office in Plantation. Launched in Broward County in 2020, Inspected.com is a Video Inspection and Permit Document Technology Platform designed for the company’s Certified Inspectors to connect remotely with on-site contractors to complete inspections and permits for generators, pools, roofing, solar, and more. Inspected.com recently launched its […]

What to Expect When You’re Inspected – Part one

Get Inspected

Here’s the first in our 3-part series on What to Expect When You’re Inspected Pre-Layout: What is your plan to build your project? How are you going to get water to flow out of and back to the pool safely & efficiently? Access: How are the pool users going to get into, enjoy, and get out of the […]

Inspected.com Fills Demand for Third Party Pool Inspectors in Austin


National virtual inspection platform helps pool & spa construction companies comply with new city code Austin, TX (November 22, 2021) –A new code in the City of Austin requires third-party inspections for new residential swimming pool and spa applications. To alleviate the stress that hundreds of Texas homeowners and builders are facing with long wait […]

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